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The Online Directory provides contact information for people and departments on the UC Davis Homepage. The UC Davis Online Directory is maintained by IET - Communications Resources Directory Services and UCDHS Telecommunications. The same directory information is also used by the campus operators when they route calls from the main campus telephone number: (530) 752-1011.

How to update the Online Directory

Department contact information is maintained by a network of directory approvers in campus departments. Individuals and their department's directory approvers can update the people listings. For more information on how to update contact information, please visit the Online Directory Help Page.

To make changes to employee listings:

Questions about the Online Directory?
Contact campusdirectory@ucdavis.edu

Campus Operator System

The Campus Operators for UC Davis can be reached by dialing "0" on any campus phone, or by dialing 530-752-1011. Callers first encounter a voice recognition system that listens to the caller and routes calls to employee and departmental listings. When a listing cannot be found, or a caller cannot be understood by the system, the call gets routed to a live Campus Operator (between 8 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday). The voice recognition system is operational 24 hours a day and on nights and weekends there is no live operator option for callers. This after-hours coverage and interaction with the external community to UC Davis is why it is especially important to submit changes to your departmental and employee listings as soon as they occur.