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The UC Davis Central Storehouse sells the following single line telephones on behalf of IET - Communications Resources:

Purchasing Single Line Telephone Equipment

You may purchase single line telephones from the UC Davis Central Storehouse.

To order a new single line telephone online, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the UCD Buy Online Catalog
  2. Log in with your UC Davis Computing Account
  3. Click on "Catalog Search" in the upper left corner of the page
  4. Select "Central Storehouse" in the search choices
  5. Enter the word "phone" or the commodity code listed above in the search field and click "GO"
  6. Select the telephone that you wish to purchase from the displayed list of available telephones

Single line telephones are not available through a lease agreement. Multi-line telephones may be leased from Communications Resources.

Purchasing a Single Line Telephone: Things to Consider

Here are seven factors to consider when evaluating a single line phone set for purchase, whether from CR or from another source.

  1. Make sure the telephone has a message waiting light for voice mail (if you think you will need it). If you would rather buy a set without a waiting light, CR can set your phone so that when you pick up the receiver, you will hear a beeping dial tone to alert you to the presence of voice mail messages. This service is called a "stuttering dial tone".
  2. The Cortelco telephone models 8012 and 2730 are Caller ID ready. More information about Caller ID.
  3. Check to see what additional features come with the telephone. Hold and speed-dial buttons (especially those which can be programmed easily) can be very useful, and a "flash" or "link" button can make transferring calls easy.
  4. Consider buying a phone with adjustable ringer volume and tone setting, so that you can customize them to your comfort level. These are especially useful in environments where you may need a loud ring to hear over the background noise.
  5. Phone sets that don't require a battery are best. Replacing the battery can wipe out your telephone's memory and you may not wish to reprogram your memory every time you change a battery.
  6. If you tend to take messages, type or perform other tasks while on the phone, consider a set with a speakerphone so that you don't need to hold the receiver during a phone call. (Or you can order a headset from an independent source to plug into your phone.)
  7. Check to see if your telephone jack is near an electrical outlet. If your telephone requires an external power source, such as for a speakerphone or digital display, you need to make sure the cord is long enough to reach the outlet.
  8. Also useful is an extra line-in port or "data jack" at the back of the telephone. This allows you to share the line with auxiliary equipment such as a fax machine or answering machine.

Single Line Telephone Repair

Communications Resources does not repair or replace damaged or worn out single line telephones. CR recommends that campus departments carry at least one spare single line telephone in-house for quick and easy replacement should a single line telephone fail to operate properly.