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Apple iPhoneThe Apple iPhone™ at UC Davis
AT&T Wireless and IET - Communications Resources would like to share some important information about iPhones for UC Davis customers. To order now, please login to the ATR Portal or lookup your department's ATR on the Mobile Communications Services page.

NOTE: The iPhone requires a 2-year service contract and early cancellation penalties will apply.

AT&T iPhone™ Wireless Voice Plans

  AT&T Wireless Voice plans for the iPhone™ are the same as all other AT&T voice plans.

AT&T Wireless Data Rate Plans

  AT&T Wireless Data plans and features for the iPhone™ are listed on our AT&T data plans.

Activate your new iPhone™

  1. Existing AT&T users (those who are upgrading to an iPhone) must call Penny Carter to activate service: (530) 752-1197. New customers should continue to step 2.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and complete the activation using iTunes
  3. Make sure you have iTunes 9 or later installed. You can download it from the Apple iTunes Web site.
  4. Connect the iPhone to a USB 2.0 port on your computer using the cable that came with the phone.
  5. iTunes should launch automatically and walk you through the activation process.
IMPORTANT: During the activation process you will be prompted to enter an Apple ID. You should leave this field blank and continue to the next screen. When you are prompted to create an Apple ID, you should click the bolded text to allow you to set up an ID later. You do not need an Apple ID to activate your iPhone .

Warranty Information


Insurance is not available for the Apple iPhone ™.

Return Policy

 Wireless Service from AT&T
  • 30-day buyer's remorse policy
  • 30-day return policy
  • 10% restocking fee when iPhone™ box shrinkwrap has been opened
  1. Apple-branded Bluetooth headset
    • 30-day return policy
    • 10% restocking fee when box shrinkwrap has been opened
  2. All other iPhone™ accessories purchased via AT&T
    • 30-day buyer's remorse policy