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When you are on the go and want the ultimate in hassle-free communications wherever you are--you need a pager! All Communications Resources pagers are provided through American Messaging and include the Custom Greeting feature.

Numeric Paging

The Motorola BRAVO Flex numeric pager is the workhorse of the paging industry. Its reliability and durability are unsurpassed. If you are in need of basic paging services, where the receipt and storage of telephone numbers will suit your business style, then this pager is for you.

Motorola LS550 Numeric Northern California Coverage
$5.50 monthly / $26.50 activation
This plan allows you to receive numeric pages throughout Northern California.

Alphanumeric Paging

The ultimate in advanced paging services, the Motorola Advisor Flex Elite pager offers an abundance of features to keep the mobile worker connected with the office. The Advisor Flex Elite includes a 30,000 character memory, four line view screen and the ability to receive email messages directly via the Internet.
Motorola Advisor Flex ELITE Alphanumeric California Coverage
$8.25 monthly / $26.50 activation

This plan allows you to receive alphpanumeric pages throughout Northern California.

Paging Services and Campus Voicemail

You can use your campus voicemail box to assist you in staying in contact with your callers. With the addition of the campus voicemail advance feature package, you can use the outcall notification feature to program your mailbox to call your pager when messages are waiting. If you are not sure if you have this feature on your campus voicemail box, contact your Communications Resources Customer Service Representative at 752-4603.

E-mailing to Pagers

You can receive e-mail messages to your UC Davis American Messaging alphanumeric pagers! Using any e-mail software, send the messages to pagers by entering this address: area code + pager number@myairmail.com.. Be sure to enter the actual area code and pager number for the person you wish to email.

Coverage Area

Coverage Map

American Messaging offers a large array of features that can be added to your paging service, such as extended regional and voicemail. For more information, contact Penny Carter at pscarter@ucdavis.edu or 752-1197.

Pager Repair and Maintenance

Communications Resources services all pagers leased from our office at no charge to the customer unless the reason for the malfunction is the result of negligence or inappropriate use. If abuse is detected, the customer will be charged for the replacement cost of the pager. Communications Resources will not repair pagers purchased from an outside source under any circumstances. To report a pager problem or request repairs, contact Penny Carter at pscarter@ucdavis.edu or 752-1197.