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How to order Cellular Data Equipment

Campus customers are responsible for the purchase of their own cellular equipment and the range of options for cellular equipment is continually changing. Therefore, we recommend visiting AT&T Premier, the UC Davis Customer website offered by AT&T, to view discounted equipment and rate plans for customers in UC Davis departments. AT&T Premier displays the latest cellular equipment and plans available.

Steps to browse for cellphones and rate plans in AT&T Premier:
  1. Visit the AT&T Premier website.
  2. Login to Premier with Username "ucdavisviewonly" and Password "4Campu$option$". (Do not use quotes as part of the login/password.)
  3. Carefully read and review the Company Policy.
  4. Check the box next to "I have read and agree to the Policy and Procedure Agreement" and click the "Continue" button.
  5. Follow the order workflow to browse for available devices, accessories, rate plans and features.
  6. Print a copy of your shopping cart to prepare your department purchase order.
  7. Fax a copy of the approved purchase order to Penny Carter at FAX: (530) 754-2424.
  8. Have your ATR submit a Mobile Communications Request Form to order the cellular service that accompanies your equipment order.

Please direct any of your questions about cellular equipment and services to Communications Resources' Mobile Communications representative, Penny Carter, Phone: (530) 752-1197 and Fax: (530) 754-2424.

Text Messaging Features

The text-messaging feature (link to Text Messaging feature list on voice page) is only available with a voice plan because it functions through the voice network.

Feature Name Incoming and Outgoing Messages Included Monthly Charge
Messaging Unlimited Unlimited messages $8.00/month

Cellular Data Rate Plan

When purchasing a data-capable device, you may select from the following plans:

Plan Name Monthly Charge
Enterprise Unlimited Data Plan $23.40

Originally $45.00
Enterprise Unlimited Data Plan with Tethering $28.40

Originally $65.00
Data Connect Unlimited Data Plan for iPad and Data Only Devices $39.99

Originally $65.00
If you subscribe to a data only plan, a monthly account management fee of $3.25 per device will be added to the discounted monthly charges listed above. This fee is already included in the monthly charge for the voice plans.